No War With Iran


Please tell your Members of Congress to unequivocally oppose a US war with Iran, and any escalation that could lead to war.

On Thursday, January 2nd, Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iranian Major General Qassem Suleimani, one of the most significant events of American involvement in the Middle East since the invasion of Iraq, putting the US on a terrifying path towards war with Iran. Last night Iran retaliated with a missile strike on a US base in Iraq.

Let’s be clear. This was completely avoidable. Trump did this.

We have to stand up to stop him. Will you call your Senators and Congressional Representative today to say clearly: No war with Iran.

Below are the numbers for Senator Casey and Senator Toomey, as well as a call-in tool for your respective member of Congress.

Senator Bob Casey: (215) 405-9660

Senator Pat Toomey: (215) 241-1090

Click here to call your member of Congress.

Please tell your Members of Congress to unequivocally oppose a US war with Iran, or any escalation that could lead to war. Ask them to co-sponsor the Khanna/Sanders proposal to bar funding for acts of military escalation in Iran.

The level of aggression from Trump’s reckless decision—and without Congressional approval—puts millions of lives in danger.

An overwhelming majority of the people of the United States want peace. Seventeen years ago the George W Bush Administration lied our nation into a disastrous war and occupation, whose global consequences are still unfolding: thousands of dead American soldiers, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, still unfolding global instability, and a still spiraling global refugee crisis — not to mention the trillions of dollars that could have gone into public goods, like healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

We can’t let this happen again. We can’t let Trump do this.

Promising inroads to peaceful relations with Iran had been forged under the Obama Administration, but Trump has chosen to make an abrupt U-turn, launching a campaign of “maximum pressure,” making violent conflict increasingly likely.

Remember that peace is popular, and Trump’s success is not inevitable. And it’s up to us to stop him — no one is going to do it for us.

Let’s stand together for peace. Please call your Members of Congress to say #NoWarWithIran.

Thank you.