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In 2016, Trump won Pennsylvania by just 44,292 votes. In the wake of the election, Pennsylvanians of all races came together, not just in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but in towns and small cities across the state. Since then, we've made tremendous gains, building one of the most powerful independent political organizations in the country.

In the June primary, our organization recruited and supported powerful champions for working people to take on the political establishment—and we won. Our volunteers sent more than 560,000 calls and texts for candidates like Nikil Saval, Amanda Cappalletti, and Rick Krajewski.

Now, as we head into the general election, we're unveiling a slate of 27 endorsed candidates for the state legislature who are based in the geographies where we work and are co-endorsed by at least one of our local chapters. We're backing more bold champions like Shanna Danielson, Nicole Miller, Tara Shakespeare, Dana Hamp Gulick, Michele Wherley, and Tara Zrinski. If our slate of candidates wins, we can flip the Pennsylvania state legislature.

As we energize voter around these local champions, we're also going all in on the fight to defeat Donald Trump and put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. While we know change doesn't come the top down, our movements need leadership at the federal level that will be responsive to our demands for justice. Throughout our history, we've seen that when working people of all colors join forces, we can push politicians to do the right thing and we've won big changes to make America work for all of us.

This election is about us. And it's about where we go together. Over the next several weeks, hundreds of our volunteers will send more than 3.5 million calls and texts to voters. It's up to us elect local champions, flip the Pennsylvania legislature, and defeat Donald Trump.

Learn more about our endorsements for the Pennsylvania legislature below.


PA Stands Up has endorsed the following candidates for the Pennsylvania State Senate.


PA Stands Up has endorsed the following candidates for the Pennsylvania State House.