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News You Can Use - Election Edition

October 4, 2022

News You Can Use to get involved in this election the week of October 4!

Let’s take a deep breath together, [name]. Really close our eyes and take a deep breath before we get into all the things you need to do.

Ok, good now grab a glass of water. Drink that thing.

That’s what we want for our families. A modicum of peace, clean air, drinkable water, maybe enough wifi to read this message. :)

I can’t remember who, but someone once said that if you’re messed up and you’re in the movement, your movement will be messed up. This movement to the election and beyond is too important for you to leave self care behind. There’s a lot at stake for you and your family and we need you in the movement. It’s also incredibly important that we care for ourselves and each other.

Keep that water glass full for the shifts you’re about to sign up for! The only way we can truly defeat the people trying to take our precious air, water, and peace is to connect with them on a deep level. We’ll see you at the next phonebank!

-Ashleigh, Jacob, Eddie, and the News You Can Use Team at PASU

PA Stands Up

Lehigh Valley Stands Up

NEPA Stands Up

Lancaster Stands Up

Berks Stands Up

Reclaim Philadelphia

Capital Region Stands Up

That's all we have this week! If you haven't already, become a member of your local PA Stands Up chapter — or join as an "at-large member" living elsewhere in the state — so that together we can build a Pennsylvania that works for #AllofUs.