News You Can Use – Young People All Across The Commonwealth Are Standing Up

This year, young people all across the commonwealth are standing up and running for office. And guess what? Our chapters have endorsed two of them – Megan Kocher up in NEPA and Brad Chambers in Lancaster. (Learn more about our endorsed candidates

If Brittany Stephenson’s win for Luzerne County Council last year showed us anything, it’s that young people are winning elections! 

We recently caught up with Natalie Santons, current Allentown City council person, and Sarina Torres, PA Stands Up Movement Politics Organizer, and former endorsed candidate, to hear their thoughts on why young people should run for office and vote. 

Natalie said, “I believe that if we want to take control of our future, we have to educate ourselves on the basics of local politics and call out unfair policies because we are the ones who have to live with the consequences. Representation matters, and young people’s voices deserve to be heard, too.” 

Sarina added, “Knowledge is power, and knowing your rights and freedoms is the first step to unlocking that. We would be nothing without community. It empowers us to flourish and feel safe in today’s world. Community must be protected and built at all costs. We are all stronger together.”   

So mark your calendars for April 23 and make sure you have a plan to vote. Every vote counts, and it’s up to us to stand up for what we believe in. You can support young candidates like Megan and Brad, who are out here fighting for a better future for all of us, by making a contribution to our State PAC and joining your local movement politics team.

It’s time that we take charge of our future! 

In community, 

 — Eddie


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