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Whole Home Repairs still needs YOU

Last week we learned that next year’s budget for the Whole-Home Repairs Program was at an impasse after billionaire Jeff Yass lobbied Senate Majority Leader Joseph Pittman to halt funding. Yass was upset that Gov. Josh Shapiro promised to line-item veto his private school vouchers, so Yass used his cronies and connections to halt any funding toward progressive bills.

But we won’t give up!

Demand for this program is so high that some counties’ application portals were full within eight hours of opening, and many counties now have a waitlist. Harrison Cann of City & State recently wrote an article about how the Whole-Homes Repairs Program is remaking the housing landscape. This “landmark initiative” is helping working-class people like us all across the Commonwealth.

To save the Whole-Home Repairs Program, we need your help. Share your stories with us! If you had $50,000 to fix your home, what would you spend it on? Even if you don’t currently own a house, share your story with us. The more stories we are able to share, the easier it is for the legislature to understand the necessity of fully funding Whole-Home Repairs!!

We look forward to hearing from you!

In solidarity,

— Eddie and Ashleigh


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