News You Can Use – Protect Renewable Energy Jobs in Pennsylvania!

It’s a new day for renewable energy here in Pennsylvania! 

But that’s not enough! Right now, wealthy corporations and billionaires are profiting from damaging our environment and fueling climate change. Meanwhile, poor and working-class Pennsylvanians across race and place are breathing polluted air, suffering from deadly heat waves, drinking contaminated water, and paying rising utility costs. That ain’t right! 

A better future is possible by demanding our government expand programs like Whole-Home Repairs to bring down our utility bills and ensure we can breathe easier. We also need elected officials committed to implementing policies and programs to facilitate a just transition for workers in high-polluting industries, providing them with the training and resources they need to thrive in the renewable energy sector.

By supporting and investing in these projects, we can reduce our carbon footprint, save millions on electricity bills, and create new employment opportunities for Pennsylvanians. 

It’s up to us, working-class people, to run for office and for our members to endorse candidates who support the growth of green jobs in Pennsylvania.

In solidarity, 

 — Eddie 

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The campaign training series is an educational opportunity for candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers ready to level up. People interested in running in future elections are also encouraged to attend. You will hear from experienced trainers and elected


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