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Speaking of people who made amazing plans and are maybe backtracking on them, President Biden made some pretty big promises before he was elected. We knew immediately after the inauguration which is why we made him this lil welcome video last year. Well, 440 days later and Biden has several unfinished tasks that he said he would do in his first hundred days. While he withdrew immigrant detainees from 4 states due to substandard conditions, Berks Stands Up members have demanded the same for the Berks Detention Center. While he campaigned on renewable energy, now he’s tapping into our oil reserves. You’ll read more below about his actions on student debt, but the pattern shows what we know. We have a lot of work to do!

In Solidarity,

Ashleigh, Onah, Lev and the PA Stands Up team

What’s happening in Pennsylvania?

Whole Home Repairs: Our chapters moved hundreds of people to attend events with Senator Nikil Saval for the Whole Home Repairs bill last month. We got amazing coverage of our actions and got several more co-sponsors! This bill will move quickly with a focus on this year’s budget fight so stay tuned for how you can be a part of the action!

Precinct Committee People: Reclaim Philadelphia organizer Segio Cea was highlighted in an Inquirer story about the Democratic Committee people in Philadelphia. Every precinct in the state of Pennsylvania elects two people to be their representative to the local Democratic (and Republican) parties. The chaos over redistricting and petitioning dates has meant that hundreds of fewer people are running this year than in previous years. Although it is too late to get on the ballot, it is definitely still possible to win this election with a write-in campaign – especially if there aren’t two people on the ballot in your precinct.

Find out more at LVSU’s Precinct Party on April 9 or NEPA Stands Up’s Precinct Party on April 10!

Primary Endorsements 2022: We are nearly 40 days away from PA’s primary Election Day and three of our chapters have made important endorsements!

Reclaim Philadelphia members voted to endorse Ben Waxman HD 182, Elizabeth Fielder HD 184, Rick Krajewski HD 188, Tarik Khan HD 194, Chris Rabb HD 200, Andre Carroll HD 201 and Paul Prescod SD 8.

Lancaster Stands Up members voted to endorse Ismail “Izzy” Smith-Wade-El HD 49 and Dana Hamp-Gulick HD 96.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up members voted to endorse Tara Zrinski SD 14, and Enid Santiago HD 134.

Remember to become a member of your local PASU chapter to have a say in the endorsement process. And you can have a little Voting Rights, as a treat.

Protect Trans Kids in PA: The Pennsylvania State House is advancing legislation that will ban trans women from participating in women’s athletics. The legislation is following a pattern of legislation being passed around the country targeting trans athletes. It’s very likely that if the legislation were to pass the General Assembly that it would be vetoed by Democratic Governor Tom Wolf. This legislation highlights the real danger of what could happen should a Republican win the Governor’s race in 2022. Send a message to your legislator to support Trans youth!

**There’s usually a recipe but…**As a special treat, here’s a video of some Sunrise Movement youth birddogging Conor Lamb before his Senate debate with Malcolm Kenyatta last week. John Fetterman was absent again. They’ll have a few more chances to butt heads with ABC27 on April 21st and Indivisible PA on April 27th. This is a new Text block. Change the text.

What’s happening nationally?

DC Debt Cancellation Win

On Monday, organizers from Lancaster and NEPA joined borrowers from CA, FL, NY, MA, OH and PA in Washington D.C. to press the president to cancel student loan debt. They assembled outside of the Education Department with signs that read, “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay,” or “You are not a loan.” The Debt Collective, an advocacy group focused on debt cancellation, arranged the event. Less than 24 hours later, Biden extended the moratorium by a few months. That’s the power of direct action! There’s still a long way to go and we’ll continue to push Biden to deliver for us.

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