News you Can Use – 5/18/2022


PA Stands Up

Primary Election Edition

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This won’t be our usual News You Can Use today. With election results still coming in, there’s still a lot to digest. So for now, we’ll give you our official press statement on the results that we have so far. Incredible progressive victories swept the commonwealth, followed by some losses.

Many polling places and counties saw some astounding voter suppression and yet even still, our communities turned out to cast their ballots. As we push forward to the general election in November, we invite you to our post-election debrief next week. We can improve together, learn together, and celebrate our victories.

Most importantly, thank you to our staff, members, volunteers, and our candidates up and down the ballot. You all fought tremendous odds yesterday and have a lot to be proud of, no matter the results.

In Solidarity,

Ashleigh, Onah, Lev and the PA Stands Up team

What’s Happening In Pennsylvania?

The excitement was electric through Eastern PA as Pennsylvania Stands Up (PASU) membership celebrated significant wins across Eastern PA after Tuesday’s Primary Election. Pennsylvania Stands Up is made up of 6 chapters across 9 counties with more than 2,000 dues-paying members. The chapters of PASU are Berks Stands Up, Lancaster Stands Up, Lehigh Valley Stands Up, NEPA Stands Up, Capital Region Stands Up, and Reclaim Philadelphia.

“Our canvassing efforts and phone banks over the last few months gave us so much hope on Election Day for our endorsed candidates,” said Cathy Walker of Lancaster Stands Up. “It was a real thrill to be with my community to watch the votes come in for both of our candidates who fought hard no matter the outcome.”

PASU dues-paying members carefully selected progressive and transformative champions that align with the values of PASU, including the belief that every person has the right to self determination, safety, and dignity, and that they hold justice – in our neighborhoods, for our families and comrades, for our children, for our democracy, and for our future – above all else. Nearly 250 PASU members were elected for this primary, mostly as Democratic Committee candidates.

“It was amazing to see my own name on the ballot this year as a Democratic Committee member,” said Jon Irons of Lehigh Valley Stands Up and Data Manager from Bethlehem. “I’m always proud to help get out the vote for progressive candidates that will truly fight for me and my family.”

The endorsed champions that will progress to the general election in November include Rick Krajewski, Elizabeth Fiedler, Tarik Khan, and Chris Rabb in Philadelphia and Ismail Smith-Wade-El in Lancaster. These candidates faced heavy odds against the largess of deep-pocketed conservatives like Jeffrey Yass that attacked their communities and fought to silence them. Other endorsed candidates like Tara Zrinski have races that are too close to call as of Wednesday morning.

“Our candidates and communities saw landslide wins across PA in the primary election, and we shouldn’t lose sight of our real opponents in the November general election. PA Stands Up chapters have done the long-term organizing work to build a working class coalition that will win big this fall,” said Carrie Santoro, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Stands Up. “We center accountability for each other and our elected officials and we’ll have the opportunity to show the power of our values in this election and beyond.”

Berks Stands Up recommended Mark Detterline for State House District 129

Lancaster Stands Up endorsed Izzy Smith Wade-El for State House District 49 and Dana Hamp Gulick for State House District 96

Lehigh Valley Stands Up endorsed Tara Zrinski for State Senate District 14 and Enid Santiago for State House District 134 and recommended Mark Pinsley for State Senate District 16

NEPA Stands Up endorsed a full slate of Democratic Precinct Committee People

Reclaim Philadelphia endorsed Chris Rabb for State House District 200, Paul Prescod for State Senate District 8, Rick Krajewski for State House District 188, Elizabeth Fiedler for State House District 184, Andre Carroll for State house District 201, Ben Waxman for State House District 182, Tarik Khan for State House District 194 and a slate of Democratic Precinct Committee People