Appropriately fund program for home repairs


PA Stands Up

Letters to the Editor:

I’m an Allentown resident who loves the beauty of our historic homes but so many residents don’t have the funds to upkeep them. We’re becoming victims of unsafe housing and high utility bills that we can’t afford.

In the cold months, I combat a vicious draft due to crumbling foundation and poor insulation. Daylight can be seen around my doors because they no longer sit in the frame, causing my electricity bills to increase by hundreds.

My upstairs neighbor has been dealing with a leak for more than half a decade. It’s led to her family experiencing mold issues.

That’s why I’m so excited the new bipartisan Whole-Home Repairs program will help my landlord afford these critical improvements. It’s great this program passed with $125 million in funding statewide, but I know my story’s just one of thousands. We must ensure this program’s adequately funded going forward to truly meet the need. That’s why I’m asking Pennsylvania legislators to allocate $300 million for the Whole-Home Repairs Program in the 2023-24 budget, and to make funding for this program permanent.

Elliott Miller