We’re on FIRE!


When we lit that bonfire in January, we knew we were starting something special.

We want to be seen, be heard, and now it’s time to take action!

Join a Team!

The best way to get involved immediately is to join us on slack and decide which team you will join to help us move our campaigns forward.

Access & Inclusion Team (Political Healers) – Ensures the work of the team, the team itself, and the larger organization are accessible to all team members, and that team members feel safe, seen and heard. Doll Amaro is the team lead for this and like she said in the call, this is the Empath Team because politics are traumatic. More information is in the slack channel under #politicalhealers.

Communications Team – Responsible for developing and executing campaign communications plans that serve as a critical engine for winning campaigns. This team is responsible for event script writing, event communications, digital and printed flyers, press releases, web design, and all digital and social media communication. Carrie Santoro is the team lead and she also needs a dedicated army of photographers and videographers to make sure that we are seen and heard. More information is in the slack channel under #commsteam.

Outreach and Recruitment Team – Responsible for orienting new members, setting membership goals, and turnout to team meetings and other events. This team helps people get involved, stay engaged, and find where they fit best within LV Stands Up. As the team lead Allison Mickel mentioned, this is vital especially as we move toward needing volunteers to run different aspects of our campaigns. More information is in the slack channel under #outreach-recruitment.

Political Education & Training Team – Responsible for coordinating team training and political education, as well as turning out team members to trainings within the organization or allied networks. More information is in the slack channel under #politicaltrainingteam.

Fundraising Team – Responsible for coordinating the raising and tracking of campaign funds, and for turning out and securing fundraising commitments from team members for organizational fundraising events. It’s just like the team lead, Melissa Bornstein said, the forces we’re up against, the far right, racist folks, are raising money feverishly, and we need to do the same! Wins in our communities do not come without a cost. More information is in the slack channel under #fundraisingteam.

Urgent Actions!

  • Are you registered to vote at your current address? 10/19/2020 is the last day to register before the 11/03/2020 election.
  • We’re urging the Parkland School Board to remove the name of a former student from their hall of fame. The student in question was suspended for writing a racial slur but was still honored.
  • Black Student Unions across the valley will make demands about school safety in a Zoom meeting Tuesday, July 14.
  • The students will come together in person the following week for an action at Allentown Arts Park, on Tuesday July 21.
  • Black Trans Lives matter! Join us with the Trans Equity Project for a vigil in Allentown on Thursday, July 23
  • Later that same evening, we’ll join the Touchstone Theater in Bethlehem for Songs of Hope and Resistance

Take a moment to become a dues-paying member of Lehigh Valley Stands Up! Remember, only monthly dues paying members will have a vote on candidate endorsements. With a strong membership, we can set our own rules, endorse and support candidates that will actually transform our communities, and more!