We’re Launching with a Bang!!


Be Seen. Be Heard. Take Action.

It’s finally here! Lehigh Valley Stands Up will bring the community together for a flaming celebration in center city Allentown. On Saturday January 18th from 5:00-7:00PM, we will ignite a community bonfire to light the way into the new year.

Our theme for the evening is “Be Seen, Be Heard, Take Action.”

Be Seen. We will give out free reflective stickers for youth to wear for visibility and we will also have a photobooth where anyone and everyone can take fun campaign photos. We need to be seen in the streets AND in office!

Be Heard. Join our petition wall and sign to support issues you care about. Everyone who signs at least one petition will get a free megaphone (while supplies last). We need people to hear our signatures AND our voices!

Take Action. What will you leave behind this year? Write on a board what has held you back and then break it and set it on fire! It is only with action that we can work together to break the chains and warm the community.

Please join us for the bonfire! And be sure to click on [events] to stay up to date on all the exciting things Lehigh Valley Stands Up has for the future!

WHAT: Community Bonfire to launch event for Lehigh Valley Stands Up.

WHEN: Saturday, January 18th, 5:00 – 7:00pm EST

WHERE: Resurrected Life Community Parking Lot, 144 N. 9th St. Allentown, PA