No War With Iran


PA Stands Up Official Statement

On Thursday, Trump ordered the killing of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, one of the most significant events of American involvement in the Middle East since the invasion of Iraq, putting the US on a terrifying path towards war with Iran.

Pennsylvania Stands Up and Peace Action Network unequivocally oppose a war with Iran. The level of aggression from Trump’s reckless decision, without congressional approval, puts millions of lives in danger. Trump entered office with the most promising inroads to peaceful relations with Iran in decades, but he chose to launch a campaign of “maximum pressure,” making violent conflict more and more inevitable.

The Trump administration wants to divide us and stoke fear and prejudice at home and abroad, rather than resolving conflict in the spirit of peace, justice, and cooperation.

But that isn’t who we are. Our community has a long history of standing up for peace and justice, from the Mennonite roots of Lancaster to our community’s stance against the Iraq War.

We must stand together as a community, loving our neighbors as ourselves, and say no to endless war. #NoWarWithIran.