Make Them Hear You!


You desperately want to do something. We desperately need you to do it!

We are putting together teams of people across the Valley to do 3 things:

  1. Collect information on who is really running our towns so we can see where we need change. Do the research on the community where you live!
  2. Collect stories from people who have experienced police brutality. There aren’t always cameras around. We want to hear your story, no matter how long you’ve been holding on to it.
  3. Collect people that want to change the world, even if it’s the world outside their front door.

People are staying in the streets in cities all over the valley. We promote them on social media when we can verify that they’re legitimately led by people of color. We need EVERYONE, no matter who you are, to stand with us for black and brown lives and against injustice.

More information is available on our FacebookInstagramTwitter, and yes… TikTok.

I’m excited to be on this journey to justice with you. Take a moment to become a dues-paying member of Lehigh Valley Stands Up! With a strong membership, we can set our own rules, endorse and support candidates that will actually transform our communities, and more!

This isn’t the beginning, and it sure as hell ain’t the end.