Make a difference in this election with your phone!


If Trump wins PA, he wins the election. We can stop him together!

I hate walking, but I miss going door to door before an election.

With the pandemic it can be dangerous to go door to door now, but we can still make the same connections without leaving our pajamas! We have opportunities for you to get involved and contact voters nearly every day of the week!

It’s going to take a lot of work to defeat not only Donald Trump, but other hate-mongering candidates like Lisa Scheller and Ann Flood. Are you with us to get on your phone once a week?

Here’s the schedule!

Mondays: Text voters and register them to vote! 4:30-7:30pm LINK

Tuesdays: Phone calls for Tara Zrinski D138! 6:00-8:00pm LINK

Wednesdays: Deep Canvassing to LV voters! 5:00-8:00pm LINK

Thursdays: Phone calls for Tara Zrinski D138! 6:00-8:00pm LINK

Saturdays: Phone calls to defeat Trump! 10:00am-7:00pm LINK

Saturdays: Text voters for Tara Zrinski! 2:00-4:00pm LINK

We also have an amazing event coming up to teach the community about voting and answer questions like: “What’s supposed to happen at the polls?” “Who do I call when something goes wrong?” and “How do I avoid it all and vote in my jammies?” The program will be led by our partners from The Advancement Project and you can sign up to join us right here!

And finally, I’m excited to invite you to join the LVSU voting team, part of the PA Stands Up community. When you sign up, you’ll get info about upcoming elections, earn points, and win real-life rewards. Click this link to get started.

If we’re going to win this, I need you to join us. But more importantly, you need you to join us.

Call you soon. 🙂