Election Day Training


Are you ready to join the Election Day fray?

Call it what you want, the home stretch, the final countdown, E-4 days… but it’s almost election day in America!

A lot of folks have already had their E-day by voting early or voting by mail and that’s going to make Nov 3rd a lot easier. We still have a lot to do though, so can you sign up for one of the following important trainings?

Sign up to be a poll worker: Now-Nov 3rd

  • A lot of folks have signed up to work the polls, but sometimes we need to fill extra spots last minute, or the county didn’t reach out to you. Sign up to get a training on what to expect at the polls should you get a call.

How to Beat an Election Related Power Grab: Oct 30, 7:30PM

  • The two-hour workshop will share the most important things to know and practice in order to be ready in the event of a coup.

Vote Guardian Training: Oct 31, 10:30AM

  • The voter guardian program, developed to be a compliment to the existing PA Election Protection Infrastructure and the 1-866-OUR-VOTE national voter protection hotline, is focused on de-escalation and proactive defense of voters in BIPOC communities, planning for emergency scenarios at the polls and in the streets, and establishing a volunteer infrastructure to support BIPOC voters who chose to vote in-person on election day.

Non-Violent Direct Action Training: Nov 1, 6PM

  • As the election nears, we find ourselves in a fight to preserve democracy in the United States. We must prepare ourselves and our communities for uncertainty and unrest.

De-escalation Training: Nov 2, 4PM

  • This training will provide tools for navigating stressful situations and help participants understand their risk tolerance & communicate their boundaries.

LVSU members will be at the polls across the Valley not only on Election Day, but in the days following as Trump and his party fight to tear down our election process. You can help us by signing this petition to Count Every Vote and you’ll be clued in with a coalition across PA to take action in the days to come. WeGoTogetherPA.com

Oh and not to brag, but you’ll see a lot of LVSU members in this Intercept article about how we’re shaking up the Valley!