Racism in Medical Education: An Unfortunate Ending to my Time at Lehigh Valley Health Network.”


Last Call for Signatures

Please read the blog (https://rrayjr.blog).

“Today I finished my last shift of residency which I always thought would be a time for joy, celebration, and enjoying graduation with my peers,” Ray wrote. “Unfortunately I am neither joyful, celebrating, or attending graduation with my co-residents. Instead, I am here posting about what a tragic and unfortunate year this has been for me working at an entity that is plagued with institutional racism.”

“I am not looking for anyone’s pity,” he said. “I do not need you to tell me you are sorry, I am not interested in thoughts and prayers. All of those things are nice gestures but what I NEED from you is your voice. I need you to stand up and speak out. I need actions. Please read and share.”

In the blog post, Ray lists several instances in which he said he felt targeted because of his race and for wearing a bracelet and clothing that said “Black Lives Matter.”

In a social media post on Instagram, Ray urged readers to spread the word about his experiences to “start the discussion on how to invoke positive change.” (r.rayjr)

Please listen to the WFMZ news story, ‘Doctor Who Accused LVHN Shares His Story’.  https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/doctor-who-accused-lvhn-of-discrimination-shares-his-story/article_a5e53f20-2695-11ee-ae31-f3838b1b6ee6.html

In response, a group of greater Lehigh Valley community members are taking out an ad in the Morning Call to address the aforementioned events.   We are inviting people to be co-signers of the following ad and to share this email with friends:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

We the undersigned are concerned about recently described experiences of racism at Lehigh Valley Hospital Network. We strongly believe there must be a transparent, unbiased, impartial and thorough investigation by LVHN that is centered in justice and includes and represents our