PA Stands Up Applauds Passage of American Rescue Plan, Thanks Workers, Organizers Who Led the Fight


The organization will keep fighting for a long overdue $15 minimum wage for every worker

PENNSYLVANIA — Americans of all races across the country voted to put Democrats in control of our federal government. After Republicans failed us, voters were ready to swear in leaders who care about helping working people, not large corporations and the wealthy.

The ambitious plan passed by the Senate Saturday represents a significant down-payment from Democrats to working families.  The American Rescue Plan will, finally, deliver urgently needed relief for workers, families, children and communities, especially Black, brown and poor Pennsylvanians who continue to bear the brunt of COVID’s wrath. It will also provide essential support for our state and local governments.

Said Hannah Laurison, Executive Director of PA Stands Up, “This plan is bold and comprehensive because working people fought to ensure Washington delivered for us. Millions of families and children will benefit. We will keep fighting for $15, but this plan will lift more than 140,000 children out of poverty in Pennsylvania.” Laurison continued, “We urge Senator Casey and PA Democrats to keep up the fight with us until Washington or Harrisburg raise the wage.”

Once again, workers were abandoned by the entire Republican delegation from Pennsylvania, who opposed relief,  showing callous disregard for the devastating impact of COVID on our communities, looking out for their corporate donors instead of their constituents. Senator Toomey claimed the economy is “roaring back” while more than a million of his constituents are struggling to put food on the table or afford basic necessities.

PA Stands Up demands continued support for working families in PA by raising the minimum wage, passing comprehensive immigration reform, guaranteeing public healthcare, forgiving student debt and rent, and transforming our broken criminal justice system. We also know that getting rid of the filibuster will ultimately be a key step toward delivering the change Pennsylvanians need, from raising the minimum wage to passing the Equality Act and the For the People Act, and we urge Senator Casey to continue working with his Senate colleagues on any procedural changes required to pass the kind of ambitious legislation required to meet the needs of working people.