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Keystone Progress, Pennsylvania Stands Up Joining Forces!

We have been working hard this past year to bring together some of the most game-changing grassroots organizations to go into 2020 as strong as we can be.

Today, Keystone Progress is ready to officially announce our merger and name change to Pennsylvania Stands Up! After eleven years, millions of petition signatures, thousands of calls to action, hundreds of demonstrations, ten Progressive Summits, Keystone Progress is merging with key partners in our state to become an even more powerful organization.

Keystone Progress is bringing to the table staff, chapters in Erie, Chester County, and Philadelphia, a large base of support, and a strong track record of throwing down to advance a progressive agenda in Pennsylvania.

KP is joining forces with Lancaster Stands Up, York Stands Up, two Indivisible groups, and leaders from PA Together, Beyond the Choir, and the 2018 Greg Edwards and Jess King congressional campaigns.

Pennsylvania Stands Up

We’re hitting the ground in 2020 with nine chapter organizations!

The mission of PA Stands Up remains the same: to build political power for everyday working people, and to make a difference on issues and on elections—now with an even wider reach. Pennsylvania Stands Up will be an even more effective, efficient, and powerful as a burgeoning statewide organization. We know that’s what’s needed to win in 2020 and beyond!

Welcome to a new day for the progressive movement in Pennsylvania. Welcome to this pivotal moment as we build the power we need to make a Pennsylvania that works for all of us.