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As 2020 Election Draws Near, PA Stands Up Announces Endorsements, Plan to Build on Primary Wins

September 2, 2020

PA Stands Up is building one of the most powerful independent political organizations in the country, capable of making major gains in the 2020 election and on track to win significant governing power by 2023.

Most of us believe that no matter what we look like or where we live, we should all have an equal say in our democracy. But today, a powerful few try to divide us by race and by place so we won’t join together to demand what all of our families need. PA Stands Up knows that winning on issues means changing who is in power. PA Stands Up works to not only support Democrats to flip seats, but recruits and supports true champions who are committed to shaking up a failed status quo and standing up for working people.

“Nationwide, mass movements for social justice are surging. Here in Pennsylvania, progressive candidates built insurgent justice-oriented campaigns in the Primary powered by the commitment and enthusiasm of everyday working people like us. And we won,” said Hannah Laurison, Executive Director of PA Stands Up. “Now, we’re ready to win again. We’re excited about our slate of endorsements for November and to ensure Pennsylvania helps end Trump’s racist, xenophobic, corrupt reign. And, we’re building the grassroots power and a bench of people’s candidates and effective campaigners who will launch us into 2021 and push hard for bold, transformative change from a Biden Administration.”

After Donald Trump narrowly won the state of Pennsylvania in 2016, Pennsylvanians began to take action and get organized into groups determined to do everything in their power to resist Trump’s agenda—especially the rise of racism, xenophobia, and white nationalism that Trump intentionally fomented to ascend to power. Many of those groups are now active chapters of PA Stands Up, and were key to the groundbreaking winning Primary campaigns of Nikil Saval and Rick Krajewski, both of whom defeated long time incumbents in the PA Senate and General Assembly in the Primary Election. Now, volunteers are committed to sending more than 1.5 million calls and texts to elect Joe Biden and defeat Donald Trump. All told, PA Stands Up members will make 3.5 million voter contacts in total leading up to the General Election to elect Biden and their slate of endorsed candidates for the Pennsylvania legislature.

“This year has redefined what it means to reckon with our past and look ahead to the future. The COVID-19 pandemic and the recent murders of Black Americans by police have exposed deep injustices that have been in place since the nation’s founding and that are continually reinforced by the powerful few at the expense of working people. Such rapid transformation is opening up the possibility for a radical realignment in our politics in this pivotal election year,” said Jane Palmer, the founder of Berks Stands Up.

As we push to remove President Trump from the White House, we also have the opportunity to elect local champions who will focus on creating a country where everyone is safe and free, with a care system and economy that works for all of us. Today, PA Stands Up is announcing a slate of candidate endorsements who will strengthen the mandate for progressive reforms across economic, climate, and racial justice policies. Each of these candidates are endorsed by PA Stands Up and member-led chapter organizations corresponding to their district.

“We're endorsing bold champions for the PA House and Senate because we know that if we flip the state legislature, we'll be in a better position to win policies we've been fighting for in Chester County, like ending cash bail, not just locally, but statewide," said Nydea Graves, a member of PA Stands Up Delegate's Assembly from Chester County Stands Up. “When working people of all races stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity, we can win big things. But first, we have to bring change to Harrisburg and that's just what we plan to do this November."


Pennsylvania Senate

Pennsylvania General Assembly

For more information about our endorsed candidates and our work going into the general election, please contact us here.