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2020 Progressive Summit, March 6-7 in Philadelphia!

We're so excited about the upcoming Progressive Summit, March 6-7 in Philadelphia. Keystone Progress has been organizing this Summit for over a decade. And this year's Summit will serve as the official kickoff of our newly merged statewide organization: Pennsylvania Stands Up. We hope you'll join us in Philadelphia!

The 2020 Progressive Summit will bring together hundreds of grassroots leaders from across Pennsylvania. This is the place where we come together and celebrate our movement, learn new skills, build relationships, demonstrate our power, and connect our organizing to the larger movement for social justice and progressive change. We welcome everyone to join us!

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The Summit will feature compelling speakers, an Auditor General Candidate Debate, and workshops on issues and grassroots organizing skills. Most importantly though, this is an opportunity to connect with fellow activists and leaders from across the state, to learn from each other and share best practices. It’s a time for us to celebrate and reflect on the progressive infrastructure and grassroots power we are building together.

This year’s Summit is especially exciting, as it’s serving as the official kickoff of our newly merged statewide organization, Pennsylvania Stands Up. We're coming out of the gates with nine chapter organizations across PA! Members and leaders from Berks Stands Up, Capital Region Stands Up, Chester County Stands Up, Delco Stands Up, Erie Stands Up, Lancaster Stands Up, Lehigh Valley Stands Up, Reclaim Philadelphia, and York Stands Up will come together with other progressive activists to strategize about this critical year ahead.

We have come so far! In the wake of the 2016 election, thousands of Pennsylvanians came together — not just in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, but in towns and small cities all across the state. Almost overnight, resistance groups emerged in every one of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. Over the past three years, we have made tremendous gains across our state, developing nascent resistance groups into lasting grassroots infrastructure in areas where there had been little to none. These efforts are already changing what’s possible in our state.

We know that politics is broken, and that no one is going to fix it for us. We know that it’s up to us. It’s up to us to build a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. It’s up to us to win Pennsylvania in 2020. And it starts at the 2020 Progressive Summit in Philadelphia.

Reserve your tickets now.