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Become a member of Pennsylvania Stands Up

Pennsylvania Stands Up is a grassroots people-powered organization. We're bringing everyday working people into the political process by providing opportunities to get involved in collective action. Being a member means you have a stake: a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for our work. Together we’re building a force capable of making a real impact on the issues we care about — to make a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. Check out the video below to see just some of what we accomplished in 2022.

Our members pay dues, because this work takes resources. Building independent political power means building an organization that members proudly support. Member dues are an important expression of our members’ ownership of Pennsylvania Stands Up.

If you support the mission of PA Stands Up, become a dues-paying member today! If you live in the geographical reach of one of our chapter organizations, then the best way to become a member of PA Stands Up is by becoming a member of your local chapter.

Become a member of your local PA Stands Up chapter:

Berks Stands Up

Capital Region Stands Up

Lancaster Stands Up

Lehigh Valley Stands Up

NEPA Stands Up

Reclaim Philadelphia

If there's not a PA Stands Up chapter near you (yet):

Become a PA Stands Up 'at-large' member.