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Whole-Home Repairs

Join the movement to make sure every person has a safe, healthy place to call home.

Whether you live in Philadelphia or Harrisburg, Pittsburgh or Reading, every Pennsylvanian deserves a safe, healthy place to call home. Yet, on any given day, tens of thousands of people across our Commonwealth experience houselessness or are on the brink of being displaced. Many more identify themselves as being housing insecure.

Pennsylvania's housing crisis is decades in the making, a consequence of poverty and depressed wages, high utility bills, racially-discriminatory housing policies, a lack of affordable housing units, and a deepening climate crisis for which our current housing stock is woefully unprepared.

PA Stands Up, together with partners across the state, is fighting for game-changing legislation that would improve housing equity and affordability, while taking on the climate crisis. We're meeting the groundswell of demand for real solutions by building momentum to pass legislation that would:

Our campaign is already picking up steam and generating headlines across the state. Read more about our work in these stories from the PA Spotlight, WHYY, City & State PA, Berks Weekly, and One United Lancaster.

We know there's still a lot more work to be done to pass this bill and ensure every Pennsylvanian has a safe, healthy place to call home. It's up to us to talk to our neighbors, organize our towns, and move our legislators. Here's how you can get involved: