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Politics for the People

Join the movement to elect champions who will fight for working class families

For decades, working class Pennsylvanians of all races have been left behind, as good paying jobs have disappeared from both rural areas and big cities. Political leaders from both parties too often show up to collect our votes, only to close up shop the next day, paying more heed to corporate CEOs than everyday people.

We know that change doesn't come from the top down, it goes from the bottom up. Throughout our history, we've seen that when working people of all colors join forces, we've won big changes to make America work for all of us. The labor movement won a New Deal for American workers. The Civil Rights movement took on segregation and won the Voting Rights Act. Today, everyday working people are standing up for Black lives, fighting to raise the wage, and demanding healthcare and housing as basic rights.

At the same time, when it comes to using government as a force for good, it matters a great deal who represents our communities, whether we're talking about our local school boards and councils, the state legislature in Harrisburg, or the White House in Washington. That's why we see elections as one key avenue for building on the progress made by social movements. We participate in elections to ensure our elected leaders will stand up and fight for working class folks of all races, instead of sowing division and selling our communities out to greedy corporations.

Our "movement politics" strategy involves two approaches. First, we recruit and train members of our own organization and local community to run as true champions for working class folks. We see Democratic Primaries as a particularly important forum for making sure that our voices and values are represented in general elections. Second, we look at what's at stake for our communities in each election and how we can make progress on the issues we care about, even when there isn't a true champion on the ballot. Our question we always ask is: who can we push to deliver for working class folks once they're in office? That way, we can put someone into office on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we can start campaigning for them to deliver on jobs, housing, healthcare, and the many other things that working class folks need, from Allentown to Lancaster, and Reading to Philadelphia.

In the 2022 midterms, our chapters are focused on supporting local chapters in each of the counties where we work. You can see our endorsements here. There's also far too much at stake in the race to replace Gov. Wolf and Sen. Toomey for us to sit on the sidelines. That's why we're committed to electing Democratic candidates to both those offices in order to help working class folks stay in their homes, pass policies that ensure liberation and justice for all, and expand and defend our democracy.