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Defend Our Democracy

Join the make sure that everyone has a say in decisions that impact our communities

No matter what you look like or where you come from, everyone deserves a say in decisions that impact our families and communities. That includes exercising our right to vote for those who represent us in elected office — and even taking the first step of running for local office ourselves, so that we can participate in the democratic process, mobilize voters, and push the Democratic Party to represent working class people.

We've done this work before. In 2020, we spearheaded a major effort, with dozens of partner organizations around the state, to ensure that every vote was counted. But in the wake of the Big Lie, some politicians and community leaders continue their efforts to undermine our right to vote. That's why we've launched two programs aimed squarely at defending our democracy, and fighting to make sure we have a voice in the Democratic Party.

Our Adopt-A-Poll program provides everyday community leaders with the tools they need to become a "Poll Parent" by organizing their local precinct. Poll parents take an active role in getting to know their neighbors, registering them to vote, providing voter education, and making sure they're able to cast a ballot on election day.

In addition, we also train community leaders to run for the local office of Precinct Committee Person with the Democratic Party. Local PCPs play a very similar role to Poll Parents, but focus specifically on registering, educating and mobilizing Democratic voters. In addition, PCPs play an important role in selecting the local Democratic Party leadership, voting on endorsements, and have access to party-owned tools for voter mobilization. All this means that PCPs are able to play an important role in pushing the Democratic Party to stand up and fight for working class people of all races. Finally, we know that running for and serving as a Precinct Committee Person can be a stepping stone to running for other positions, while continuing to cultivate new leaders at the precinct level.

Throughout our history, we've seen that our democracy only works when we stand up and push for everyday working people to have a voice in the decisions that impact us. Here's how you can get involved in our work to Defend Our Democracy: