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Pennsylvania Stands Up Institute is building a multi-racial movement of working class people dedicated to winning a Pennsylvania that works for all of us. We are Black, brown, and white working people living across Pennsylvania's towns, rural areas, and cities. We develop the capacity of everyday people to be leaders in our communities and fight for policies that work for working people.

In 2020, we trained hundreds of leaders in base-building, canvassing, training, and communications. We organized for a People's Bailout and created mutual aid networks to support our neighbors. We organized dozens of rallies and marches in defense of Black lives. And we contacted more than 1 million people to encourage them to register to vote and vote from home — then we held dozens of events around the state to ensure that every vote was counted.

In 2021, we've continued our work to create a Pennsylvania where every family has what they need to thrive. Currently, our chapters are working on campaigns around:

Mass Liberation

We can only create safe, thriving communities by reimagining our approach to public safety. We envision a Pennsylvania that centers restorative justice, instead of violent policing and imprisonment. Our chapters are working on campaigns to engage community members about the role of judges, replacing police officers in schools with counsellors, reallocating funds toward community services and away from violent policing and prisons, and ensuring communities have the power to hold violent police officers accountable.

People's Recovery

As our communities continue to suffer from the health and economic impact of the pandemic, our local chapters are advocating for policies that would direct American Rescue Plan funds toward programs that help working class families. We're also pushing for investments in affordable housing at the local and federal levels as we move toward our goal of a national home guarantee.

Jobs and Climate

We know that we can create good paying, union jobs and ensure our children have a future by investing in a clean energy economy. We're canvassing in local communities that have long been at the center of the extractive economy as we advocate for Congressional action on jobs and climate.

Equity and Safety in Schools

We believe schools should be places where all our children can learn and belong. But deep-pocketed extremists are pushing an agenda that would endanger our kids' health, ban racial justice curriculum, and discriminate against LGBTQ youth. We're organizing to ensure our public schools center belonging, not bullying.

Multi-racial Democracy

Pennsylvanian's freedom to vote is under attack — and, at the same time, many of us are disillusioned with politicians who are putting profits before people. We're working for policies to protect and expand the freedom to vote at the same time as we engage everyday people in making their voice heard from the streets to the ballot box.

This page is paid for by PA Stands Up Institute. PA Stands Up Institute is a non-partisan, 501c(3) organization that does not support or oppose candidates for political office.