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2022 Endorsements

We believe that winning real change for working class people requires joining together across race and geography. Each of us has a stake in building a Pennsylvania that works for all of us, whether you live in Allentown or Philadelphia, Reading or Lancaster.

Winning on issues that impact working people means changing who is in power — from US Congress to your local city councilor. No matter the office, no matter the election, our goal is to elect true champions who are committed to taking on the 1% and standing up for working people, so we can build a Pennsylvania where each of us can thrive.

To that end, our local chapters have endorsed slates of champions for local communities across the state. See the endorsed candidates in your area below.

Remember to register to vote at your current address and you can also sign up to vote by mail!

Berks Stands Up

Berks Stands up members held a candidate forum and chose the best!

Capitol Region Stands Up

Cap Region members selected House and Congressional champions!

Lancaster Stands Up

Lancaster Stands Up has endorsed champions in local State House races.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up

Lehigh Valley Stands Up has endorsed in their local Senate raceendorsed in State House and Senate races.

NEPA Stands Up

NEPA Stands Up is proud to endorse a slate of candidates for State House!

Reclaim Philadelphia

The results are in for Reclaim Philadelphia's State House and State Senate endorsements!